Story List

I’ve been keeping records of every story I’ve written since beginning the project on a sunny September day in 2013. I didn’t save pictures of the stories from the first two summers, but I would come home and write a short description of every story I could remember writing that day, along with my tips and the place I did it at. Beginning on the second day of the 2015 Corn Hill Arts Festival I started asking people if they would mind if I took a photo of the story with my phone, and it’s from those photos that the stories on this website are taken.

Total count as of 12/12/17: 1332 stories.

12/2/17 Carnegie Museum of Natural History (8)
Hive Circuit
You Never Know What You’re Going to Get
Chuck the Architect T-Rex
Teaching Basketball to the Dinosaurs
Usually He Rides His Bike to School
New Dinosaur Bones
Supergirl Saves the World
The Day Off

11/18/17 Carnegie Museum of Natural History (21)
The Triceratops’s Ice Cream
The Return of the T-Rexes’ Sith Lords
The Day at the Museum
The French Apocalypse
The Girl that Got Hurt
The Girl Locked in her Room
A Fairy First Saw a Bad Guy, and Then She Saw Fairies and Unicorns
The Aliens’ Journey for Food and Liquid
Burt the Llama
The T-Rexes’ Big Bite
The T-Rex
The Amazing Apple Tree
The Dragon and the Knight
The Chocolate T-Rex and Princesses
Sparkly Donuts
William’s Winning Shot
The Best Show in the Whole Entire World of Ballet

11/12/17 Carnegie Museum of Natural History (12)
Princess Jasmine and the Real T-Rex
Isabel’s Discovery
Under the Blood Red Tent
Stone T-Rex
Jurassic World
The Smart Dinosaur
Birdie and Bella, Best Friends
The Great Berry Search
Ash’s Journey to Get a Marsh Badge
Scaredy-Cat the Brave
A Love Story Two-Hundred-and-One Million Years Ago
Lawrence the Unicorn

11/11/17 Carnegie Science Center (12)
The Mystery of the Missing Bones
Robotic Birthday Rampage
The Princess of Pennsylvania
Hogan Jumps to the Moon
The Broken Motorcycle
The Adventures of Spotty and Princess
Trucks Versus Trains
The Never Ending Haunted House
The Kitty-Kat Book
Elves on Strike
Jude’s Tenth Birthday Surprise
Bob the Dinosaur Gets Lost

11/4/17 Kindler/Interewicz Wedding (6)
Faded Signatures
Once Upon A Time… They Lived Happily Ever After
Rocky Beats the Russian
The Flash vs. Snart
The Two Old Men Kill a Dinosaur and a Strong Table
Blake, the Hero With a Thousand Faces

Internet Stories Fall 2017 (6)
Nighttime on the Server Farm
First-Day Nerves
Kip the Koala
The Botanist and the Secret Agent
Evelyn’s Awakening
The Jam

10/7/17 Carnegie Museum of Natural History (23)
Bumpin’ Mad Beats in the Swaggin-Wagon
The Cretaceous Jungle
The Family Trip
Two T-Rexes and a Tiny Airplane
Rosie the Dinosaur
Chelsea and the Deer
The Life of a Dinosaur
Sharp Teeth Saved
Bee-ing in Love
Kassi’s Squirrely Dream
The Most Unfortunate
Astronomical Love
Garfield Kicks Odie Off the Table
Beneath the Art
Their 1/15th Birthday
Struck by Lightening
Super Bowl VIII
Cursed Love
Floody Friendship
Oh, The Places We’ll Go
The Bluffs, 10:29pm (poem)
The Wiley Wellies

9/13/17 Carnegie Museum of Natural History (8)
It Tickles
The Turtle and the Sloth
The Big Baseball Game
The Walk Through the Woods
The Hungry Dinosaur
A Dinosaur’s Happy Day
A Once-In-A-Geological-Era Adventure

9/12/17 Carnegie Science Center (4)
How the Young and the Old Can Still Merge Together
The Octopus and Squid
Koen’s Adventure
Love Drops

9/6/17 Carnegie Museum of Natural History (3)
The Historian
The Bubblegum in Our Hair
The Tiger Cub and the String

9/5/17 Carnegie Science Center (7)
Where the Starlight Goes
Victor’s War
The Dragon Master and the Space Animal Buddies
The Superhero That Lived Down the Street
The New Student
The Fear of Falling
The Reversible Gun

8/29/17 Mt. Washington (2)
Lightening Strikes Twice
The Storm


8/27/17 Mt. Washington
Slippy Pittsburgh
Adventures With Abby
Famously Infamous
Bound for the Bike
Grace Wins
The Awakening
The Secret History of the Yellow Shoes

7/28/17 Carnegie Science Center 21+ event (14)
Unlikely Partners
Ham in Space
The Double Correspondent
The Beginning
Much Ado About a Bear
A Night in Carnegie
The Wolf Prince and the Cheetah Spotted Unicorn
The Mystique of the Woman
To Infinity and Beyond
Just Another Tuesday Afternoon
Lauren’s Adventure

7/27/17 Carnegie Museum of Natural History (13)
The War of the Wizards
The Bank Robber and the Museum
Juniper’s Analysis
Dr. Jones’ Biggest Gem Quest
Michael and the Phytoplankton
The Buildings
The Dino Delta Four Rocket
How the Mammoth Came to the Museum
The Dinosaur and the Bird and the Dog
Finley’s Menagerie
The Fall of the Eiffel Tower
Charlie’s Trip to the Museum

7/26/17 Point State Park
Gabby in Neverland
The Pirate Hunter

7/25/17 West End Overlook and Mt. Washington
Just Another Day in Pittsburgh
The War
What Really Matters About the Journey
Duncan and the Bad Habit of Eating Too Much

6/28/17 CSC and West End Overlook
The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Piggy Who Blew Down All Their Houses Except the Underwater One
Steelers vs. Patriots in the Super Bowl
Dinosaur, Dinosaur, Dinosaur, Dinosaur
The Emblem and the Bridge
The Upside-Down Robots
The Adventures of the Unicorn Named Sparkles, Batman, Robin, and Superman Makes an Appearance
The Hatchet
Some Girl Whose Name I Forget
The Dragon Named Bruce

6/26/17 Mt. Washington
Something Only You Know
The Product
Little Westlyn’s Victory
Claire the Master Balloonist

6/25/17 Carnegie Science Center
Daddy and the Three Bears
The Knights Get Their Revenge
Princess to Scientist

6/21/17 Carnegie Science Center (Snowball Day)
The Legend of Catfish Alex
Rescuing the Princess
The Snowball Monster
The Alligator in the Water Park
The Newly Found Creatures
The Monster of the Mariana Trench

6/20/17 Carnegie Science Center
The Attack of the Giant Harper
The War Between the Submarines
The King of the Giraffes and His Space Elevator
The Horrible Beast of Transylvania
Dragonclaw the Wolf
Bambi and the Squirrel
World War Jellyfish

6/16/17 Carnegie Science Center PROM NIGHT (17)
The Space Dragons
When in Rome
All the Glamour They Possessed
The Unknown
When It Finally Happened
A Chance Encounter
T-Bone Rex
The Tale of Two Tails
Kevin and the Prophecy
Hip Hop is Not Dead
The Not So Far Journey of Westin and Snowphie
For Queen and Country
The Sicilian Cormorant
After the Holes in the Shoes
Domi’s Disney World
Nikki and the Time Quake
The Cookie Thief

6/14/17 Carnegie Science Center (9)
The Princesses and the Assassins
Mackenzie’s Monster Birthday
The Planet Minyata
“Advice Matters”
Off to Space
The Princess Saves the Kitten
Banana’s Adventure
Ghost Pranks

6/13/17 Carnegie Science Center (5)
The Major 20,000 League Baseball Championship
The Great Captain Boatie
The New Beach
The Discovery
Mission in Space

6/7/17 Carnegie Science Center (14)
A Link to the Past
The NBA Finals
A Nerve-Wracking Game Five
A Whole New World
The Dog Goes to Space
Bubbi the World Traveler
Evan’s Alien
P51 Mustang
The Three Dragons and the Clever Knight
Megatron’s Last War of the Autobots
The Submarine Mystery
Royce’s Creepiest Adventure
Winnie the Pooh’s Honey Problem
Garfield’s Change

6/6/17 Carnegie Science Center (14)
K’Nya B.
Luke B.
Tayez D.
The Fun Time
The Typewriter Discovery
Ilya’s Odd Job
The Key
The Creature
The Horse Princess
Shakes and Nickels
A Day at Granna’s
The Smart Dog
The Power of Sheila-Lucy the T-Rex

6/4/17 Point State Park (4)
The Honorable Judge Judith Sheindlin
The Poor, Then Rich, Man
Trouble in the Royal Family

5/31/17 Carnegie Science Center (21, plus one letter to a kid’s mother)
The Yuck Penitentiary
Addie’s Big Shot

The Wild Horse
The A J Show/Production
The Tempest (S)
Fixing Hubble and Something Hits (S)
The Amazing Trip to Disneyworld
Your Dreams Are Possible
The Penguin Pirates (S)
The Trap of Mice
The Tank Shot’s Escape
The King of Dinosaurs
The Story About Transformers
Super Mario and Luigi
Superman is the Best
The Starfishcatastrophe
Batman is Better Than Superman
The Great Mystery
Bob the Bottle
Bob the Builder

5/19/17 Carnegie Science Center Sci-Fi Event
Coffee With an Old Friend
The Adventure on the Sea
Perception Check
The Few
When in Rome
Archibald’s Last Expedition
Laura Spreads Love and Deliciousness
Tales of Woe and Quackery
The Great Toilet in the Sky
A Sunday Afternoon
The Last of His Kind
What Jumps Out
Tequila Sunset
All Caught Up

4/28/17 Lake Ontario Park Pier
The Mysterious Castle
The Super-Human Shrimp Powers

4/8/17 ArtAwake
Andre’s Invention (vid only)
Tziporah the fox-ish (vid only)
A Ride Off Into the Lava Pits
The Pirate’s Bounty
The Reveal
Driving Down the I-307 Corridor
The Doomed Voyage of the Eyjafjallajökull-1
The Queen of Dance
Sunset on the Red Horizon
“I think it Was the Goats”
Severus the Savior
The Frog-Dream
Free At Last
Jazz Wars
Inter-Magical-Extinct-Animal Relations
Late August, 1921
Wherever the Wind had Been
Mythical Love

4/1/17 RMSC
Untitled Star-Trek Story (vid only)
Alexus’s Amazing Day (vid only)
A Beautiful Friendship (vid only)
Ice Cream Princess (vid only)
Balloon Factory Dog (vid only)
World War P (vid only)
Tinkerbell Finds Merriweather (vid only)
The Tyrant Lizard (vid only)
The Mystery of the Blue Schnoodle (vid only)
Aurora’s Mission (vid only)
Funny McFunnier’s Revenge (vid only)
TARANTULAS! (vid only)

Other Stories (Spring 2017)
The Bunny, the Train, and Piper
The Sweetness of Crabapples
The Wishing Well
Meghan’s Wish

2/11/17 RMSC
Dominic’s Career
Our Family Adventure (vid only)
The Whispered Secrets of the Left Back Tire

2/4/17 RMSC (14)
Ice Crystals
Nellie’s Solution*
The Kitchen Crumbs
The Three Kitties in New York City
The Little Red Gloves
Slow Cheetah
The Friendly Dinosaur
Unicorn Dream
Nexoknights – The Cloud
The Dinosaur That Ate the Clumpy Dirt
A Dinosaur’s Garden
Brianna’s First Experience in the Woods
Zappy’s First Battle
The Most Dominant Play in NFL History

2/3/17 Memorial Art Gallery Valentine #Schmalentine (11)
The Mermaid’s Dare
A Secondhand Story
Love and Free Will ()
The Forest Out the Back Door
The Fox and the Hedgehog ()
Lilly’s Nine Trips to Space ()
A Close Encounter
The Wonderful Mistake
The Cyclops and the Archeologist ()
The Beginning of Beyond
The Medievalist and the Mobster ()

1/28/17 RMSC (18)
The Curse
The President’s Nightmare
The Blob Monster in the Supermarket
The Six-Thousandth Present
Micah’s Airport
Lucy’s Big Adventure
The First Time When Hiccup Trained a Dragon (vid only)
Eon Saves Skyland (vid only)
Red and the Real Dinosaurs (vid only)
Princess Zora and the Frog (vid only)
The Best Birthday Present Lindsay Ever Got Was Mars* (vid only)
Nathan the Stegosaurus and the Fake Ferns (vid only)
The Mysterious Jungle (vid only)
Case Closed (vid only)
Harry and Emma’s Trip (vid only)
The T-Rex in Paris (vid only)

1/21/17 RMSC (12)
Volcanos of Paris
Traveling in the Universe
The Real Batman
Lauchlan and His Dog
Whatever After Bonus
The Battle of Animals
Morgan’s Day at the Museum
The Epic Adventures of Pizza Man, and His Foe, Hamburger Man
The Tyrannosaurus and the Angliosaurus
The Dead
Mr. Mohawk vs. Lava Man
A Mystery Door

1/14/17 RMSC (16)
The Names of the Trees*
The Witch’s Dragon
The Witch and the Wizard
Knots in Space
The Cowgirl and Her Horse Flicker
Have an Ice Day*
Animal Land
The Princess and the Ice Cream Party
The Hunt
Isabel’s Fairies
The Three Animals in the Woods
The Lightning Bug’s ‘lectricity
Jared’s Planet
Pete and the Dinosaur
The Time Traveler

12/15/16 Memorial Art Gallery Escher Opening
What Necessity Caused the Mermaids to Invent
The Walk
The Elephant
The Cat’s Hunt

12/13/16 Nox Craft Cocktail
The Road Trip

12/10/16 Strong Museum of Play
The First Nap on Mars
Little Red Riding Hood and the Hungry Wolf
When the Baby Elf Ruined Everything
The Animal Noises
Myles’s Brand New Minecraft World
Nargagloff and Daisy
Meco the Ring Tailed Lemur
The Vanishing Glass Cases in Saxs Fifth Avenue
The Great Giraffe Kick-Battle
Mosey’s Great Pile of Cheese
The Fox and the Polar Bear
Atlas’s Monster
The Lego Man
Kinsale and the Animals

12/9/16 Fairport High School Creative Juices Cafe
Christmas in Horse Prison
Rocket Baby

12/6/16 Nox Craft Cocktails
Candy Whiskey

12/2/16 Nox Craft Cocktails (Dude’s Night Out)
The Bettys
The Undeadening
The Grotto
The Balloons
The Small Piece of Wisdom
The Story of the Wine Tour
The Big Bad Wolf at 4 A.M.
The Dragon’s Fortune

11/29/16 Nox Craft Cocktails
The Promotion

Other Stories (Fall 2016)
The Big Jar of Courage
Piper’s Airport
The Friendly Monkey

11/15/16 Nox Craft Cocktails
What Happened When the Dinosaur Tasted Cotton Candy
On Rachael’s Birthday
Meggles & Alex
On the Occasion of Cat’s 29th Birthday

11/10/16 MAG
Izzy’s Adventure
Max and the Squirrel

11/8/16 Nox Craft Cocktails
He Was Older
The Ghost of Susan B. Anthony Visits Donald J. Trump on Election Night
The Ghost in the Oval Office
Where We Went When the Bad Thing Happened
The Hashbrown Gentleman

11/7/16 Fox Rochester Newsroom
The Newsroom
A Lunch
The Newsroom P.I.

11/1/16 Nox Craft Cocktails
Alyssa Came Home to a Horror
A Dude’s Night Out Halloween
Poor Matthew
Charity’s Problem
How Sophie Saved Cinderella’s Castle
Pedroia’s Swing

10/27/16 Nox Craft Cocktails
Reality Check
The Epicurean
The Princess and the Dragon
What the Nation Saw in Greg’s Reflection
The Antiquities Smuggler
A Day in the Life of Miss Renner

10/25/16 Rochester Farmer’s Market
Claire and Bella and the Ballerina
The Married Protectors of Rochester
Reduction of the Ego

10/16/16 Charlotte Pier
What He Did With The Body
Letchworth in Fall
A Leaving

10/14/16 RMSC After Dark “Speakeasy” Event
The Vineyards
The Librarian and Betsy the Bootlegger
Dave and the Godfather
The Search for Sly Tony
The Diva
The Edge of the Dark, Dark Woods
The Discovery
The Rescue
The Castle’s Dragon
The Salsa Throw
The Aquarium
Our State
The Nurse’s Ball
The Windingo in the Woods
The Run
The Fairy
The Plan
The Elephant and the Kidnappers

10/10/16 Charlotte Pier
The Submarine Meet-Cute
The Trip
The Squirrels and the Cats

9/5/16 Charlotte Pier
A Labor Day Dip
The Robbery
The Subterranean Court
The Attack
The Problem

9/3/16 Rochester Farmer’s Market
New Friends in North Carolina

8/3/16 Battery Park
Times Square at Night
The Greatest Danger of New York City

8/2/16 Battery Park
The Ninja Turtles
The Honeymoon

Internet Stories – Fall 2016
The Old Lone Shirt
The Stripper-Novelist
The Redhead

7/3/16 Precious Metal Bar (Brooklyn, NY, on Trout Street)
The Beach
Labelling the Moon
The Sleepaway Camp Protector
The Signal from Without
The Horned Pegasuses and the Moon
Some Men but Not I
Vengence in Real Estate
The Weed Marathon

7/2/16 The High Line Park
A Quest for the Most Perfect Bagel
The Dog-a-doodle-doo
The Psychic and the High Line
The Podcast
The Chest in the Forest
Joan and her City Out of Time
Setting Out Into the Real World

6/19/16 The High Line Park
Jude Overseas
The Painting on the Subway
The Trip Home
A Perfect Day in NYC
The Sheep, the Guard, and the Bridge
The Logger and the Maple Tree
The Little Apple
The Blueberry Fairy
Staying Open to the Wonder of Travel
Stanley and the Ferry

6/12/16 Washington Square Park and the High Line Park
The Flushed Mermaids
Leander the Whale
Basia in a Time of Change
Robert’s Note
On Sam’s 26th Birthday
The Last Continent on the List
The Resolution
The Fearless Urban Explorer Leroy
Dr. Madison
In the New City Together
The Trip
The Body in the Olive Grove
A Spot in Central Park

Internet stories
The Missing Place
Earl and the Cook
Returning to the Ocean After an Absence of Many Years
The Hermit in the Cave

5/23/16 Ontario Beach Park Pier
When Maceo Learned to Play the Piano

5/22/16 Ontario Beach Park Pier
Pirates and the Good Ship Today’s Date
Kai and his Tacos
The King’s Rescue
Daisy and the Shark
Holding Tight
The Frog, the Mermaid, and Blunt Force Trauma
The Cat House

4/16/16 Art Awake
The Reunion
The Undoing of History
The Astronaut
Ella’s Portal
The Beige Beaches of Puerto Rico
The Ghost-Plane
Paper Football at the Coffeeshop
Java’s Cafe
Maddie at the Zoo
The Stegosaurus on the Bridge
Maya went Up
Rui and the Harvest Festival
The Sushi Chef with No Name
The Apartment
The Application Process
The Hipster Sea Lion
Christopher and Vanessa
The Curious Little Frog
The Peeper Homes
College Decisions
Nine Cheers for Cats
The Speech
The Estate of Sinjun Einloch
The Lamplight
Jerry’s Little Bundle of Joy
Joshua, the Junior Senator from Ohio
The Great House
Derik Comes to Artawake
Emma the Astronaut
The Fairy Frat Boy Caravan

4/11/16 Kids First Childcare (a local Preschool)
Jack and Annie Meet the Wizard
The Princess and Godzilla on the Beach
The Evil Mermaids
The Motorcycle Fairies
The Prince Invited the Princess to Dinner
The Ice Cream Magnet

4/9/16 RMSC Nano Day
Tredus and the Quest for the Crystal of Good Fortune
Momma Bear’s Birthday Cake
Very Full Essence
Princess Rebecca
Medieval Madness
A One Man Rocket to Jupiter
Bella’s Golden Bows
The Dark Sea
Max the Dog

Spring ’16 Internet Stories
Moving the Erie Canal
Jim Charade and the Founding of Rochester
“Oh God. He Was.”

3/26/16 RMSC
The Tiny Little Turtle

3/25/16 Strong Museum of Play
Little Red Riding Hood and the Mean Piggie and the Good Wolf
Baker B
The Princesses of Ice Cream
The King of the Wrestling Kingdom
Candy Mountain
The Duck’s Missing Brother
The Buffalo Dance
The Talented Dancing Polar Bears
The Falling Ice Cream Trucks
The Magic Pyjamas
“Thank You” in Morse Code
The Royal Folk in the Kingdom by the Sea
The Secret Library
The Big Discovery
Lindsay and Michael
Captain America and the Birds
The Bear
The Sneezing Wizard
Spoiling the Unicorn’s Appetite
The Weirdest Superheroes
Cinder the Stuffed Animal Dragon King
The Stick
The Greatest Treehouse in the World
Jack is the Giant
The Eiffel Tower
The Savior
Jared’s Dream
Momma Ladybug and her Baby
The Horse Queen’s Baby

3/12/16 RMSC
The Truest Kiss
The Leaf Census
The Safety Balloon
The Bear’s Mug
The Billionaire and the Narwhal
Tasty Sounds
The Snake and the Cup of Sugar
The Blue Jay
Froggie’s Teacher
The Leprechaun’s Tab
The Monoloposaurus’s Meatballs
The Lizard Wizard and the Train
The Leprechaun and the Parade

3/5/16 RMSC
Arthur the Frog King
The Red Knight and the Dragon
The T-Rex Bite-Hang Contest
The Frog and the Golden Ball
Princess Sofia’s Dance
Ella and the Frog
Lucy and the Elephant
Batter Up
Making New Friends
Nala, Alone in the Forest
Expected Genetic Drift
Rocco and His Space Plane
The Big Blue Hairy Monster Upstairs
The Spaceship
The Frog in the Corner
The Snow Angel
The Enlightenment

2/27/16 Museum of Play
Lucy the Penguin’s Stuffed Penguin
The Fairies’ Vote
Clement Went to the Zoo
Lyra the Unicorn Judge
Johnny Comes Over
Fingernail Polish
Family Forever
The Ninja’s House
The Briefcase on the Beach of Bear Island
Sprinkles the Unicorn
The Dinosaur Astronomer
The Dragon Metamorphosis
Wings for the Unicorn
The Grey Ghost
Molly Wanted a Dog
The Narwhal and the Horse
Lexis and the Stanwick Farm
The Chase
The Museum of Mysteries
The Kissing Flower
The Underwater Tiger Fight
The Mini Wegmans

2/20/16 (RMSC) (24)
The Mysterious Battle
The Princess and the Unicorn
History QB – Part 1
The Mermaid and the Frog
Batman and The King
Monty’s Fright
The Princess’s Scraped Knee
The Most Perfect Fly
Cookie’s Jump
Brae was Hungry
The Prettiest Lily Flower
Baby Chick’s Flower
TMNT: Old Video Version
All the Awesome Frogs
My Day
Garrett and the Cave Dragons
The Trains
The Duck and the Ladybug
The Singing Frog
Hollis and Hollis
Deacon and the Smurf
The Kittens in the Snow
Putting the Frogs to Bed
NASA and the Three Little Piggies

2/19/16 (Museum of Play) (44)
The Cupcake Shop
Spilt Honey
The Hurt Deer
The Dragon’s Game
In the Belly of the Snow Monster
Slappy Gets Out
Max the War Dog
Bob the Butt-Toucher Dragon
The Monster Stampede
Be Careful with Floo Powder
Fixing Humpty Dumpty
Broccoli and Love
The Slip
An Island, Entire to Itself
The Pink Kingdom
The Necklace in the Puddle
The Stegosaurus’s Time Machine
Dallas and Apollo
The Secrets Guitar
Hannah’s Woods
Wisdom Island
Dylan’s Glasses
The Coconut Trees at the Edge of the Kingdom
The Hawaii Trip
The Single Mermaid
The Sister-Princesses
Bob the T-Rex
Marbles the Kitty
The Diamond Slipper
The Quiet Lake
Before the Explosions
The Unicorn’s Case
Ninjas in a Blizzard
Evie’s Dragon
The Good Space Station Regulus
Faith and Winter
The Elevator
Tooth Deposition 1
Tooth Deposition 2
My First Lost Tooth (The Tooth on the Bus)
Bella vs. the Aliens
The Sharkpuncher
The Paper Crowns
Talking to Mermaids

2/13/16 (Rochester Museum & Science Center)
The Frost Mouse
The Frog with Laser Eyes
The Muddy Mermaid
The Full Loop
The Swim Teacher
The Fireworks
The Pickax
The Kitten’s Monster
The Humans had a Problem
The Frog’s Jig
Colin’s Jump
The Dragon’s Pizzeria
Anthony’s Ferrari
The Ninja Brothers’ Oath
Tabita’s Journey

2/6/16 (Rochester Museum & Science Center)
The Disappearance
Frog Science
She’s got the Moon in her Pocket
The Flytrap Farmer
The First Princess on the Moon
A Vaccine for Frogpox
The Princess’s Education Bill
The Wild Horses at the Base of the Mountain
A Youtube Star is Born
Avery’s Frog Adventure
The Gymnast’s Talisman
Casper’s New Home
The Mysterious Forest
The Great Frog-Lighthouse
The Dolphin-Poachers
Cinderella’s Informant
The Princess Who Was Not Afraid
The Hat

1/30/16 (Rochester Museum & Science Center)
The Snake’s Name
Reading About Bears, Together
First-Hand Electricity
Authentic France
How the Tiger Came to the Zoo
The Final Kindness
The Fall of Coconuts the Coconut
Darth Vader’s Lightsaber
The Fly Robbery
The Crash
Flower’s First Leap
Hunter the Frog’s Bedtime
The Bucket Toads
Cormac’s Frog
The Frog Boys

1/23/16 (Rochester Museum & Science Center)
The little dead frog
The Twin Genies (my 500th story!!!)
The Snow Day
The Frog Collector
The Battle of the Bears
A princess, a cowboy, a superhero, and David Bowie
The Fire Marshal
The Boring Wardrobe
Jordaan’s Jet
The Mermaid’s Treasure
The Short Memories of Frogs
A Shadow the Size of a Cave
The Trampoline Anniversary
The Cozy Pond
The lighthouse-keeper
1/16/16 (Rochester Museum & Science Center)

Bill the Farmer (a non-fiction fiction story)
Skitty eats the magic frog
Tessa escapes the zoo to discover her identity
Bob the country frog goes to NYC
Matthew gets eaten by a boa constrictor
Buddy the dolphin schemes to meet a frog
The three princesses inherit their father’s kingdom
The one eyed frog spares the life of John the Human
Little howler the wolf gets lost
Chris swims a long time and earns the flies he eats
Lily jumps to the MOON
The frogs on the titanic
The princess kissed the curse frog
The fly flew up, the fly flew down, the fly did a loop-de-loop
The goliath frog’s family eats the hungry alligator
The ringmaster alligator marshals the bullfrogs into the amusement park in his stomach
George’s smelly pet frog
Love after the frog-apocalypse
The earth-shaking thirsty frog
The three fighting frogs
Kane the knight fights an evil robot knight
Bob’s hat affects his eligibility for president
The Buffalo Bills in a parallel universe where they’ve won the superbowl the past four years
Melanie and Edwin won’t let distance come between them
Taisha at the dragon captives’ ball

1/9/16 (Rochester Museum & Science Center)
Aurora finds an impossibly beautiful shell
Honey Badger defeats the snake through rhetoric
The Biggest frog in the pond was HUNGRY
The Bounty Hunter in the Marshmallow Marshes
Choosing the King of Frogs
A Pianist writes songs that heal the world in subtle ways
The Knight-Aunt Liz and her daring rescue mission via hot air balloon
Bruce the T-Rex and the race to the top of the mountain
Bobby the cat eats Hopper the paragon of civic virtue
Parker and Natalie destroy and rebuild neighborhoods
Parker the Quarterback for the Buffalo Bills
Charles awakens to find the eiffel tower gone
Bubbles learns to let go of fear
At the wedding, everything goes wrong except the things that matter
Jenna and the bad seance
Teague the shark finds he belongs with the dolphins
Mariana saves her mermaid garden from men dumping ice
Sarah and Mirah the pregnant pandas
Frank’s Orange Tractor
Flippo and Trippo fight to determine who will be the leader of the frogs

Internet Stories
Dragon’s Law
The Tiny Apples of Arendelle
The Privilege of Flight
Amazon Drones
The Diver’s Mistake
The Chinchilla’s Bread
Storm Troopers drink Coffee for the first time
Ruth Gordon and the trials of fame
Dick Cheney’s time machine
Traveling through Europe, reading books to children

12/16/15 (Fairport High School Creative Juices Cafe)
Star Wars Confusion
Zane was leaving One Direction
Binoculars show the future

12/4/15 (Strong National Museum of Play)
Meliora the lost bird
The Cookie Man heals Humpty Dumpty
A team of elves makes their way back to the north pole
A school takes a field trip to Oz
The Bad Pirate Thuck
The evil unicorn named Johnson
Ice Dolphins
The Fox who only robs Enchanted Folk
The Evil Batman’s Time Machine
A racecar painted every single color in the world
Tyler and his golden sword
Grace the butterfly is hit by a car
Super Deydey the flying princess
Chasing giant squirrels into the redwoods
Corbin and his wolf-friend Doug
Ella feels the magic of the christmas season
Babe Ruth wins the world series
Tom Brady throws to Gronkowski
Carey speaks to the tree spirits on behalf of the loggers
The murderous unicorn
Gabby the ninja princess
King Torres destroys the neighboring Christown
Christown retaliates
Tampa wins the Stanley Cup!
Alex, Will, and Ben wrestle in their front yard
Timmy the window washer falls slowly from his building
The Big Bang Theory goes to a trainyard
Batman kicks the joker in the head
Nicholous wants to read the minds of cats
Optimus Prime is attacked inside a tunnel
Harry makes a campfire in the forbidden forest
Sally Smith discovers who stole the Queen’s Diamond
Beth finds Zombies in a graveyard
Bad things happen to good people – like Humpty Dumpty
Lonp the crybaby was a crybaby


11/15/15 (for folks on the internet or friends)
The bridge at Monica’s half marathon
The Forgery
Santo the Barber

11/05/15 – Public Market
Laurie’s Cats Anticipate Her Move
Millie’s Zumba Class

Oscar’s Bear
Wilder meets a dragon on a pile of leaves
Luca and the Seven Bridges Farm
The Cat-queen of the forest

10/31/15 HALLOWEEN (for trick or treaters)
Zombie Football
Shiloh the Dog can see his home is haunted
A synopsis of the entire plot of Hotel Transylvania 2
Old man and Old woman get swept up in a war between the greek gods

10/26/15-10/28/15 (for folks on the internet)
A motorcycle route to save the mayor
Marvin the Ant
Ontological Surgery
Win and the mouse
Iggy the Good Mosquito (take 2)
Brained by his own typewriter

10/20/15 -Fairport High School Creative Juices Cafe
Pete the Succulent Collector
Old Lady Dancer

10/17/15 – Public Market
The friendly mosquito
Fairy Comptroller
The Birthday Mermaids
The spring that makes love grow
First apple on Mars
Elliot and the deer
Love across many lifetimes
Barbara’s 70th surprise birthday party
Colin’s Donut shop
Photojournalist assigned to interview his ex

10/10/15 – Public Market
Kevin loses faith in art collecting
The photo op Steve most regrets missing
Cop faced with who made a mess in the kitchen
Meet cute between violinist and the Secretary of State
Driving across America
The Ghosts of Murderers on the Scottish Moor
The Tall Tale of Milfred the Logger
Atlantis begins to rise, threatening the lives of the mermaids living in it
Aliens Drain Niagara Falls
The kitten’s name
A mime chases a donut on a seahorse
Chris and Stella get married during adventures in Fairytaleland
“It was a dark and stormy April 15th”
Salamander the Hellbender Dragon
Prodigy the supercomputer is shut down
Emma the fashion designer
Antoinette locked herself in the kitchen
Lord Flowerhead’s occultist clique

10/5/15-10/9/15 (for folks on the internet)
“Dogs” the musical knockoff
Favorite Philmont Memory
Eugene the Moose
EV the lion Princess of Washington DC
Elmo’s fishtank is leaking
The rescue of the Sand Dollars
Cozy is a bulwark against cosmic horror
Finding exactly what will make his life complete at a flea market
“He put his gloved hand on the doorknob and stared at it”
Take 5… On The Moon!
The young man and the false Naval recruitment office
Lawyer takes the case of a sociopathic dragon

10/4/15 – Ontario Beach Park Pier (it was cold and windy and nobody was there)
Difference in the mermaids of the east and west coast
KJ gets a set of toy story toys from his grandfather and wants them to come alive
What the Welshman found in Rochester

9/27/15 – Ontario Beach Park Pier
Stacking the Tarot Deck with The Lovers
Vampiric conspiracy underlays the entire US government
Rakan’s liquid battery research leads to a billion-dollar company
The Foodies Elope
Najat hits the million dollar microscrope
Ayah the Jumper
(~3 more I didn’t take photos of)

9/26/15 (folks on internet)
“‘Plenty of time’, he thought. But he was wrong
The Squirrel Prophet
“Why do bees sting people”
“Why is the sky blue?”
“Why don’t Whales get cancer?”

9/24/15 – Public Market (also the day that Tina MacIntyre-Yee filmed me for this lovely story)
Shameka’s life was defined by love
14th Century Werewolf Apocalypse story
30 years of marriage
A pigeon runs for the office of president of the public market
Jessica’s past lives
“Write me a story about the future. Don’t make it happy or sad”
Mary gets rich at the Farmer’s market through initiative and entrepreneurial grit
Mother Goose and Broadway the Dog

9/13/14 (folks on the internet)
Left footed ice skate and left footed roller blade meet in a junk box at a yard sale
Aardvark and Armadillo fall in love
A Tortoise and a beetle travel between galaxies
A car falls in love with a woman
The Pirates played Candyland with the babysitter
The story of the dusty motorcycle
A time traveller falls in love with a Caveman
Jane Austen goes back to the time of the dinosaurs
Writer’s Block
What cats do in between their nine lives

9/6/15 Ontario Beach Park Pier
Beth and Alyssa save Lake Ontario from being drained
444 fish
Canadian Spy meet-cute
Color Running
Do you know how much I love you?
Drum Corps show
The pier was where their perfectly unconventional relationship began
NYC road trip
A perfect day fishing where nothing goes wrong
Sad Pirates
Satan comes for the ghost that haunts the pier
Swaggy Dogg and Snoop Dogg

8/29/15 – Public Market

Caterpillar Kingdom*
Cassandra meet-cute flowers*
Shaneaka saves flowers from bad water
Princess Hailey Hawaii Fantasy
Magic Pokemon Card
UN Department of Paranormal Activity
Vesper and Edmund roof of Xerox building
Running Bulls Cthulu Horror
Tiana & abandoned farmer’s market
Ava, Princess of Mermaids
Talking Dog*

8/12/15-8/21/15 (for friends)
Update of Hills Like White Elephants for the digital age
Joe Physics
A librarian foments political awareness in a group of impressionable teens
Erica’s Bass playing rescues an apple orchard

7/12/15 – Corn Hill Arts Festival Day 2
People Watching
Compass points only east*
Bake muffin for dying man
Witches save Bête from demons*
FC lighting soccer beats Gates-Chili
Skillet tells the future (typed in the shape of phallus by request)
Dragon can’t breath fire*
Surprise Carrie*
Alien Virgin at Burning Man*
Tri-ku (triple Haiku) about a horse divorce on D-Day
Map maker sells bloatware maps*
The broken Glass Spoon
Music Festival in Oz*
Seed growing in a foreign land*
Yo-yo loves Mar-bear, buys her a story*
Finding joy after husband dies*
Coming from circumstance and earning happiness*
Man catches an elf for infinite wishes*
Frugal accountant on the moon
Demon collects souls via typewriter; stories
Random teleportation liar*
Falling & breaking ankle & helicopter*
Dora and Swiper*
Fat tax refund, distribution overseen by the FDA*
Giraffe rebellion put down by Jena* (a sequel to one from last year’s festival!)
15 more, that I couldn’t remember when I got home (but I was able to count I wrote 41 total by counting the number of torn bottoms – “receipts” – of the stories left in the typewriter, which I saved for that purpose.)

7/12/15 – Corn Hill Arts Festival Day 1

Willow Liver Cancer Dreams
Mini mouse starts a film company*
Long neck dino & tortoise are friends*
Wild horses start a civilization*
Sentient Internet*
Pillow falls into a black hole*
Spider man saves Corn Hill*
Lemony Snickett in Colorado*
Lorax hired by ExxonMobile
Queen Elsa saves Aarendale from a fire dragon*
Charlie scores a goal against the Argentina world cup team*
Soccer deflategate but they win anyways*
Penguin: BAD COP*
Middle School girls beat the German Soccer Team*
General description of the wind & waves*
Princess Laura*
Princess Anna is wise – turtles*
Batman & Queen Elizabeth Erotica*
Mermaid falls from airship*
Curliest hair in all the world*
Solitaire-playing dragon*
Dragon wants to start a band*
Engagement in the Laundry room*
Loving Couple capture escaped Zebra*
Elephant Gun*
Mind reader breaks; Furby mercy killing*
Going crazy at the festival, Lovecraft style*
Eating funnel cake makes the world weird, but lemonade fixes it*
Velvet book kids get trapped in*
Fairy war and the order of the knights of goodness*
Skeeter jetski ghost*
Haunted museum with Dinosaurs*
Great depression job hunt*
The littlest volunteer*
Madb & the fairy vote – representation*
15 more, that I couldn’t remember when I got home (but I was able to count I wrote 50 total by counting the number of torn bottoms – “receipts” – of the stories left in the typewriter, which I saved for that purpose.)

6/13/15 – Public Market
Prospector on Mars*
Typist bears witness*
Subterranean Mushroom Market*
Rachel meets a young gypsy in Gdańsk*
Dog saves folks from fire*
Turkey the porcupine in the museum of magic*
Instagram app that steals souls*
Penelope the wing-seller*
a pacemaker set on “high”*
Love story set in Paris*
Matthew, velociraptor detective*
Meet-cute as international saboteurs*

5/30/15 – Public Market

Melissa comes from Kentucky*
Boom the dragon*
Lisa’s birthday makes the world brighter*
Aristotle the Beaver*
Chupacabra Chickpea Cooking Show*
Wish granted speak poetry*
Waterskiing mermaid swap*
The toothfairy’s toothfairy*
Making a peace machine*
Space Traveling Jackalope*
Utopia Murder*
Monkey & frog fight tomato*

5/2/15 – Public Market
Feels no pain meets feels no fear*
Elizabeth runs away to Sesame St.*
Becca moves to Texas*
Grandmother’s trunk*
I knew a girl named Wendy
Larsen & Hans play chess for the battle*
No sense of smell Tulips imagine*
Straw boater hat guy’s story*
Wedding on the shore of Lake Ontario*
Busy busy busy graduate student*

8/30/14 – Public Market
Dolly and her Svengal cat*
Squirrels help garden*
Long walks on the beach*
Dredging a well for wedding rings*
Mysterious Pyramid*
Blueberry Garden*
College Admissions Essay*
Cold water visit from England*
Couple saves Rochester from eroding into lake*


7/13/14 – Corn Hill Arts Festival Day 2
Joe & Cheryl walk their neighborhood*
Tinkerbell and the BETTER enchanted forest*
Rudy robs a bank*
Dylan’s dog pinot licks his face*
Karen watches the ships & they ferry her dreams*
2 best friends babysitting fight*
Sarah & Blake flying trains*
Nolan & Lauren meet – he tries to pay for dinner with library card*
Joanie volunteers for Corn Hill
8 Communist Horses*
Jake the Angry Chef*
Turtle ends up in antarctica*
Alivia’s flowers are disappearing*
Delaney & Ali save Narnia from Fire Bears*
Corn Hill festival gets washed to the lake & reassembled by mermaids*
On the day that Briggs was born*
Cookie the bunny & the BUNNY MAFIA*
Miss Jenna goes to broadway*
Koala bears & owl stop whispering radios*
Vinny & the electricity mines*
Third world stewardess*
Virginia’s cat destroys the world*
A Canoe filled with tax papers flips*
(probably more, but I didn’t count torn bottoms and it was a year ago so who knows how many)

7/12/14 – Corn Hill Arts Festival Day 1
Train ‘fraid of heights*
Farmer hears gunshot*
Princess and rainbow frog*
Octopuses digging*
Monique & Michael*
violence over eraser shavings*
Amy & Sabine*
Kelly Kaitey Allison Kidnapping Cornhill
Luis loves Canada & X*
Ron sees a mermaid*
Tom & Brittany’s perfect marriage*
Julie swims w/ phoebe in Keuka*
Mee-maw & Gee-gaw ice cream*
Jena & giraffes*
Xander’s lonely chess*
Sophie finds a magic bag*
James kills the princess*
Elvis impersonator walks the cemetery*
Keely & sitting bear claw*
Turkey point gold find*
Ron’s croquet tourney*
meet a man from Scotland*
saving turtles with a camera*
Polar bear eats a scientist*
neighborhood haunted by a house*
basement has another world*
rolling ball undoes wishes*
Buffalo Bills prophecy (LINK! LINK! LINK!)*
Turtle that carries the world*
Turn down a diamond mine*
Love story college & sick mom*
asking for directions from a cannibal*
(probably more, but I didn’t count torn bottoms and it was a year ago so who knows how many)

6/14/14 – Public Market
Matthew paints a fish 7 times*
Rebecca Ian apple tree happy gopher Nieztche*
Demon drug addiction story*
Emma bean is sick
Rina Ritchie Mary Marty go to the market*
Prom night & unallowed friendship*
Caramel corn that makes you float*
Evil tomatoes make you trip*
Zurich’s mountains are made of chocolate and have chocolate trolls*
Surrealistic Rambling*
Crows storytelling*
Anna & her Rhino*

6/8/14 – Ontario Beach Park pier
Kaleah speaks to seagulls*
Octopus space ship*
Living carousel*
biggest salmon*
mermaid congress*
Brazilian storytellers*
First space pirate*
Screw the unions*
Daijah & Quadiana, friends.*
The famous aerobic dancer*
Alice the dog*
Makenzie seagull squak*
Fish zombies*
Pirate king is killed*
unfair laws made me a pirate*
a giant protozoan cell in the lake*

5/26/15 – Ontario Beach Park pier

Karl Smith Mermaids*
Mermaid horror story*
Horses & blackbeard*
Bus into Houston*
Squirrel in bike basket*
Steam-powered jetskis*
3 superheros counting*
Jason & (Nadine?) love story*
Pole vaulter teen heartthrob*
London mystery*
Whale story*
Dream & seashell*
4 friends and a robot*
Duck, turtle, & goldfish bar*
Buffalo Sabres come to St. Mary’s school for the deaf*

Teacher, what have you seen (written for a friend that night)

5/11/14 – Ontario Beach Park Pier
Kaden’s stick*
Dancing Curse*
Robotic Bees*
The Queen’s curse of ordinary life*
Grandmother and dog*
Dog for mayor*
Supervillan fees secret agent to a shark*
Rainy Zach the gangster*

4/20/14 – Ontario Beach Park Pier
The Princess & the dragon*
Matt the Pirate Boss (& <3 mermaid)*
Mark the dinosaur surveys his army*
Unfair life*
Lost in a town & an enemy helps*
Driving to Canada*
Chinese Animals*

10/20/13 – Ontario Beach Park Pier
Sea sculpts the sand*
Photographer returns soul*
Josh & Cheri’s wedding*
Pidgy the resourceful pigeon*
Crow is a good omen*
The Weed Fairy*

9/29/13 – Ontario Beach Park Pier
Peace & love – all bounty comes from love*
Conch shell calls mermaids*
Thaddeus & Carmella escape Rochester*
The tunnels of our town*
Future, scion, “This is only the beginning”*
The sheriff fish & the seal*
The water was cool against my skin*

No date:
The Secret Menu
Giant Shadows
The Sprint from the Tank
The Princess of Sparrows*
The Last Dodo
The Court Mathematician*
Climbing an infinitely tall tree*

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