Zombie Football

Kam was a football player, and he was a good one. But one day the undead rose from their graves. ZOMBIES! He and the other men on the football team saw what was happening and ran to the sidelines to try and stop the zombies from eating the brains of their friends and family. They ran to Kam’s locker and got his duffle bag, which was filled with swords and axes and knives and guns and crowbars (he kept it filled with this stuff just in case this day ever came). The football players killed the zombies, but Kam noticed twelve of them heading for his family and he ran to stop them armed only with a baseball bat. He killed the zombies and saved his family, but he got bit by one, and he felt himself turning into a zombie. Once he turned into a zombie, he ran away and made a machine to make clones of himself – more zombies to fight the humans. Meanwhile, his family worked hard and found an antidote to the zombieism, and they ran down all the Kam copies and turned them back into people one by one. Now there were thirty-two Kams, and he made his own football team out of his clones. They won every game they ever played against both the living and the dead.


Written on 10/31/15 (Halloween!) in my driveway for a boy in a Zombie Football Player Halloween costume.

Podcast Episode:

019 Zombie Football (Downloadable mp3 – right click the link and choose “Save Link As…”)

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Zombie Football