Julia had gotten all of the supplies to make tie-dye stuff with her family. They’d gotten rubber bands and lots of different dyes, big buckets for soaking and gloves so that they didn’t stain their fingers. Julia showed everyone how to tie-dye a shirt so they would learn, but then she let them go and tie-dye anything. Her cousins tie-dyed a bedsheets, and a sweater, and a pair of tennis shoes. Then they tie-dyed the car, and the front door, and three of the coffee cups. Then they tie-dyed Sigma the dog, and Sigma bounded off after, very happy to be all sorts of colors swirled together. They tie-dyed a tree, and then a cloud, and then three different kinds of birds. Next, they tie-dyed Julia herself, and Julia found that it was a lot easier to color things when she was herself colored.

At the end of the day, Julia lived in a tie-dyed house, with a tie-dyed dog, and her family was tie-dyed and very happy. Everyone was so glad that Julia had gotten the supplies and taught them how to make their world and their lives so much more colorful.


Written on 3/5/16 at RMSC for a woman with a colorful hobby.