The Weirdest Superheros

Trevor the superhero could create things just by thinking them into existence. He once made an army of Panda bears when he was bored one Sunday, and he once wished into existence a flavor of ice cream that tasted exactly how sunshine in February felt. He made it rain Fanta for three sticky days once, and another time he made dragons start existing.

Trevor had an enemy named Logan. Trevor’s superpower was to make things appear from nothing, while Logan could only make things disappear from nothing. At first Logan only did good things in the world. He made ice cream headaches and mosquitos disappear forever. He doubled the number of finger lakes by thinking away the dirt in the shape of the lake. But he got jealous of Trevor, and after a while he would just go around and disappear the things that Trevor had appeared, just to make him mad. Trevor tried stopping him, he willed a jail into existence around Logan, but Logan just disappeared it. Then he willed chains around Logan’s arms, but Logan just disappeared them.

Finally, in frustration, Trevor came to Logan and said, “What do you want from me? Why do you keep undoing the things I do?”

“I want to make things for a while. Making is more fun than deleting. Let me tell you what to make for a day, and then I’ll let you alone,” said Logan.

Trevor agreed. Logan sat down with a pencil and a piece of paper. He sketched out what he wanted. Trevor shook his head.

“You agreed to this,” said Logan.

Trevor sighed, and then he thought.

Out of nothing, it appeared. It was a dinosaur with the head of an ape. The dina-ape screamed, then ran off to rampage a city.

“Awesome,” said Logan. “Now make a million more.”


Written on 3/25/16 for a kid and his best friend.

The Weirdest Superheros