The Wages of Corn Theft

Mother Goose had an enormous supply of fresh corn, so much fresh corn that Broadway the dog figured that she needed help to eat it all. He approached her one day after she did a book signing in front of the Kodak building and asked if he could help her eat all the corn she had, but Mother Goose said no.

Broadway was upset. It was unfair that Mother Goose would keep all the corn to herself. It was mean, even, so he decided to steal the corn from her. Mother Goose kept her corn in an enormous safe, and Broadway the dog learned how to crack safes from a kitten named mittens. He snuck into her house while she was away signing books, and spent a terrifying half hour dialing the knobs on the safe. But when he opened the safe, inside there was no corn. Just a note that read, “If you want sweet corn, grow your own!”

Broadway the dog took the advice, and turned away from a life of crime to become a successful farmer.


Written on 9/24/15 at the Public Market for a family with a little boy.

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