The Unexpected Life

The car didn’t have a gender, so he gave himself one. The car didn’t have a name, so he gave himself one. The car didn’t have a heart, until one day suddenly Randall did. It had happened in a moment, the way that many miraculous things do. One moment he was an unthinking unseeing unfeeling automobile in a lot full of them, and the next moment he was in love with a woman walking past the dealership.

It was a confusing thing, and it took Randall some time to wrap whatever did the job of his mind around the fact of his sudden falling in love. He sat for months in mute contemplation of his fate, until one day she walked by again, and he knew that not only did he have a life, but he also had a purpose.

Regrettably, though, Randall had been given awareness without having been given autonomy, and he could not actually move himself in any way. His odd aura of love caused customers to shine away from him, and after just two years on the lot (and seeing the woman just once more) he was returned to the factory, crushed, and sold for scrap.


Written on 9/11/15 for @speshulcat

Podcast Episode:

006 The Unexpected Life (Downloadable mp3 – right click the link and choose “Save Link As…”)

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