The Tiny Little Turtle

The turtle was the smallest turtle in the world. He was small enough to fit in a cup of tea, he was small enough to squeeze through a straw. The other turtles made fun of him, and would put him in a thimble and make him climb out on his own, or put him in a maze made out of string and make him find his way out. One day, the turtle found a fly that was thirteen different colors and whose buzzing sound made a melody if you listened to it. This strange fly landed on the bank beside the tiny turtle, and the turtle was so tiny that the fly didn’t even see him until the turtle reached out his tiny little neck and ate the fly with a gulp.

The turtle felt funny immediately. He started growing bigger and bigger. He was too big to fit in a teacup, he was too big to squeeze through a straw. The other turtles came by to make fun of him, but they couldn’t find him at first, because they mistook his leg for a tree trunk. But then they saw how big he was and they were afraid of him.

“We’re sorry we made fun of you,” said the turtles that had once thought they were big, “please don’t hurt us or put us in thimbles or torment us the way we tormented you!”

The newly big turtle’s heat had grown along with the rest of him, and he saw the turtles that had once thought they were big were just trying to feel better about themselves by making fun of tiny turtles.

“Be kinder to the things you meet,” said the turtle, in a voice that rumbled like thunder and could be heard miles away, “nobody deserves to be made fun of, no matter how small they are.”


Written 3/26/16 at RMSC for a little girl who did not need a lesson in how to treat others, but who appreciated the story anyways.

The Tiny Little Turtle