The Talented Dancing Polar Bears

The Frost Family was a tight knit clan of polar bears who had been forced by climate change to relocate from their home near the north pole in the far reaches of northern Canada all the way down to the southern tip of Chile, where it was still cold enough for bears like them to live and find happiness. But Chile was very different for them. They struggled to feel like they belonged in this new place so far away from everything they knew. The language of the people they occasionally ate was different, the fish that swam in the ocean were different, and even the stars at night bore no resemblance to anything they remembered. And the Frost Family grew homesick.

Fritz, the father of the bears, decided that something must be done. He couldn’t stand to see his family sulking and so sad. So he signed them up for Argentinian Tango dance lessons.

The studio was delighted to have them, and the bears quickly proved to be talented dancers. After a few years, they began entering dance competitions as a family and winning, and everywhere in Chile the bears were celebrated. Although, of course, people also were a little disturbed by the fact that they occasionally ate the people who beat them.

The bears at last felt like they belonged, and with a grace they had learned, they all agreed that Chile was truly their home.


Written on 3/25/16 for a family who thought dancing bears were the best.

The Talented Dancing Polar Bears