The Stick

Kiwi the Koala bear lived in a Eucalyptus tree in the Australian forest. He at the leaves and did his Koala bear things, but he wanted adventure. He wanted to leave his tree and go and see the sights of the world. He told the tree this, but the tree warned him, “be careful, Kiwi, the world outside is a scary place.” But Kiwi was not afraid. He gathered up all of his things and put them in a knapsack, and said goodbye to his friends, and then he tried to say goodbye to the eucalyptus tree, but the tree would only say, “Be careful, Kiwi, the world outside is a scary place.”

Kiwi climbed down from the only home he’d ever known, and set out. But he’d barely travelled three feet before he stepped right in a mud puddle and got stuck. He’d never seen a puddle before, so he didn’t know that you could get stuck in one. He struggled and struggled and tried to get free but he couldn’t. At last he gave up and cried. “Oh why did I ever leave my home in the tree,” he said.

Just then, a big branch fell out from the Eucalyptus tree. It was exactly the right size for a walking stick for Kiwi, and with it he was able to push himself out of the puddle in no time at all. He cleaned himself off as best he could, and then looked at the tree – his old home. “Thank you,” he said.

“Be careful, Kiwi, the world outside is a scary place,” the tree said.

Kiwi nodded and took the advice to heart. Then he turned from the tree and set out into the great unknown, walking stick in hand.


Written on 3/25/16 at RMSC for someone I have no memory at all of

The Stick