The Stegosaurus’s Time Machine

The Stegosaurus had built a time machine, and he wanted to use it to find a human that had the same name as him. That’s why there was a Stegosaurus using his mouth to carefully look through a phone book in downtown Syracuse. But the people watching him didn’t know about the time machine and the plan, and so they were very very confused, and took lots of pictures, and tried to speculate what it meant for there to be a dinosaur.
But the stegosaurus was on a mission and could not stop to answer their many questions. He found what he was looking for in the phone book, closed it, and ambled down the street.
He walked across the sidewalks, and around the buildings, and took two busses before at last he found the address he was looking for. He took a guess at which window, and then…
Jacob the boy was awoken from his dreams about dinosaurs to find the head of a dinosaur in his bedroom. It was very confusing, but Jacob was quick to adjust to confusing things, and quickly his confusion turned to delight.
“Hello,” said the Stegosaurus, “is your name Jacob?”
“Yes,” said Jacob.
“So is mine!” said the Stegosaurus.
Written on 2/19/16 for a boy from Syracuse who was all about the dinosaurs.The Stegosaurus's Time Machine