The Speech

“Alright, so here’s the deal,” said Joseph. “I wanted to be an urban planner, but I couldn’t stand math or politicians.”

“Oh boy,” whispered Frank, “here he goes, the same speech every time.”

“I wanted to move to Canada, but I couldn’t stand the cold,” said Joseph.

“Does he think it’s supposed to be inspirational?” asked Bob, “I come to do a job, I’m not here to hear about what Joseph thinks about his mother.”

“My mother is afraid of heights, but I couldn’t find a high-rise condo to live in,” Joseph continued.

“We’re bank robbers,” whispered Cal, “not Roman legionnaires.”

“So as sure as my name is Joseph Gray, we will succeed on this day,” he continued.

“That’s neither logical nor uplifting,” whispered Frank.

“Whatever. He’s the best damn safecracker on the East Coast. Let him chat all he wants.”

They put their balaclavas on, and opened the back door of the van.


Written on 4/16/16 at Artawake for a man with a speech to tell.

The Speech