The Search for Sly Tony

Sly Tony’s mother had sent him a telegraph – “SLY TONY GONE STOP. FOUR DAYS NOW STOP. PLEASE FIND HIM YOU ARE HIS BEST FRIEND FULLSTOP.” and though Safecracker Larry had a hunch that Sly Tony was probably already at the bottom of Lake Superior, and he really didn’t need another reason to look for trouble, he owed Sly Tony’s mother a wealth of gratitude and, if he was honest with himself he owed it to Sly Tony too.

So that’s why Safecracker Larry was at the sorry excuse for a drinking establishment known as “The Rusty Barrel” because of the gritty, rusty taste that all the drinks had. Larry nursed his gin in one corner and eyed the crowd with what he hoped looked like nonchalance. He tried to get a feel for the room, get a sense for who was missing or who looked like they were on a job. After five minutes he settled on Knuckle Jack.

He slid into Knuckle Jack’s seat with a drink in each hand. “I know what you’re gonna ask, and I don’t know a damn thing about it,” said Jack, taking the drink from his right hand, “But if you really want to know what’s what, go talk to Hands McGee.”

Larry cocked back with his free hand and threw his best haymaker. Broken glass and a tooth flew through the air.

“Listen bub,” said Larry, “You’ll tell me where my friend is.”

“Jesus,” said Knuckle Jack, real fear in his eyes, “it was a joke. He’s in room 443 at the Cadillac Hotel.”

So that’s where Larry went. And fourteen dead gangsters and a love story sub-plot later, he rescued his friend from just that room.

Written 10/14/16 at the RMSC After Dark event for a couple who really got into picking out the names of the gangsters.