The Peeper Homes

Mushidula Onichi loved to work, and it made her so frustrated that she was out on disability and had to sit at home all day feeling bored. She wanted to contribute to the great project of humanity, wanted to make things and do things and just generally feel useful.

The peeper frogs outside her window were in dire trouble. Their homes had all been washed away by the spring floods and the time for them to lay their eggs was almost here. Without a safe place for the eggs, the birds and the fish would eat all the baby peeper frogs and next year there wouldn’t be any of them to sing and hop around and keep Rochester wild in a whimsical little way like they did.

Mushidula Onichi had a dream about the frogs, where they sang to her and asked for her help. They explained about the eggs and the babies, and when Mushidula awoke she knew what to do. She made homes out of mud and twigs and seashells for them. She used hot glue to turn acorns into helmets and used tupperware to make lilypads. She put the homes out and the peepers laid their eggs there and the summer was saved. Now the peepers sang louder than ever, and Mushidula Onichi humored herself that they were singing thank you to her for helping them. But of course they were.


Written on 4/16/16 at Artawake for a woman who wanted to be useful.

The Peeper Homes