The Most Perfect Fly

Dan, Steve, and Willick were frogs, and they lived in a beautiful creek that was filled with lily pads. They spent their days hopping from lily pad to lily pad, and also swimming underwater.

One day, Dan was on the banks of their creek, when he spied the most delicious looking fly he had ever seen. Dan was suddenly so hungry he couldn’t stand it, and he knew that the fly would fill him up perfectly. He hopped over to eat it, but Steve and Willick had both seen it too, and the three of them all wanted the fly.

They knew that only one of them could eat the fly, so they decided to find a way to fairly decide who would get to eat it. And they decided to make it a game – whoever gathered the most sticks would get the fly. So the three of them set out, hopping from lily pad to lily pad, grabbing sticks and swimming back to the bank to put them in a pile. Dan got the most in the beginning, but then Steve found a whole pile of sticks, and it was neck and neck between them. Finally, the time ended and they looked. Dan had two sticks more than Steve, but Willick had only two sticks. Dan had won! He went to the fly, but there was no fly there.

“It must have flown away,” said Willick, speaking with his mouth full.


Written on 2/20/16 at RMSC for a kid with a real sense of fairness.

The Most Perfect Fly