The Mermaid’s Treasure

One beautiful spring morning at the bottom of the ocean, the mermaids awoke to find that all of the treasure had been stolen by an evil mermaid! There were no more golden spears, or golden anchors, or gold statues of the brave mermaids of the past. The treasure-cellars of the palace were weirdly empty, and all the mermaids cried out, “what can we do? What will we do?”

Isabella the mermaid princess was responsible for her people, and she knew that when they shouted those questions, they were shouting them at her. There was no finding the evil, nameless mermaid, though, and no hope of recovering the treasure. So Isabella called the mermaids together.

“Dear mermaids,” she cried, “we have had our treasure taken from us. But instead of grieving, let us instead take time to reflect on the real riches of the kingdom, which are our friendships and the kindnesses we share. These things cannot be taken from us, and cannot be tarnished, and the gold we loved only distracted us from each other.”

The evil mermaid was never found, and she lived lonely surrounded by her treasure, but the kingdom found delight in all the friendships it contained, and the mermaids found they were happier without their treasure.


Written on 1/23/16 at RMSC for a little girl who took inspiration from the mermaid on my sign.

The Mermaid's Treasure