The Magician on the Roof of the Kodak Building

Vesper and Edmund had tracked down the magician for nearly two years. They’d confronted him at great cost on the train to Buffalo. They’d found the cave where he had been directing the storms that had troubled the town and smashed the enchanted wine bottles where he had worded his collected soul-tears. And finally, having stripped him of his demon familiars and most of his powers, they now confronted him on top of the Xerox building.

Vesper had the pearl dagger they would need to finally restore the magician to mortality, and Edmund had the gun to do him in then, and when he was knocked off his cloud the magician gave a fearful hiss, the first time they’d ever heard him afraid. Vesper stabbed his form, but before Edmund could shoot the magician, the magician leapt at him and the two of them from the roof of the building. Neither cried out.


Written 8/29/15 for a charming woman at the at the Farmer’s Market

Podcast Episode:

010 The Magician on the Roof of the Kodak Building (Downloadable mp3 – right click the link and choose “Save Link As…”)

vesper and edmund