The Lego Man

Michael was the only human in a world of legos. Or, he had been the only human, until an evil lego wizard turned him into a lego person. Michael was a little happy about this – he thought it was kind of nice that he was the same as his friends now – but his friends were so upset.

“You’re special, Michael,” they said, “We need you to be a human, we need you to be different.”

So Michael went on a great quest to restore his personhood. He went to the great lego swamp, where lego alligators spat fire in great orange-translucent flames. He went to the bottom of the ocean, where aquanauts fought with sharks and octopuses and harvested silver crystals. And finally he went to the wizard’s castle, where he and the wizard dueled across sixteen different Harry Potter sets, and the wizard was at last defeated.

“You’ve beaten me,” said the wizard, “so I will undo my spell if you want. But before I do, I have to ask, aren’t you happier as a lego person, truly belonging to this world?” he said.

I’m a human being,” said Michael, “and pretending otherwise won’t make it so. I want to be who I am, even if that’s different,” he said.

With a poof, Michael was human once again. And now the legos threw him a grand parade, celebrating the single special human among them.

Written on 12/10/16 at the Strong Museum of Play to channel Dan Harmon and Joseph Campbell: