The Lawyer

The client had been personally referred to him by one of the partners – the secretary who had delivered the case to him had stressed that this was a big and exciting deal for him, especially given that he’d started there so recently. JJ tried to keep that in the forefront of his mind as he talked to the client.

“Totally not my fault,” the client said. “Truly it was almost negligence on behalf of the other party. In fact, would it help us to countersue?”

JJ sighed. “I don’t think that will be helpful.”

“If it’s a question of money…” the client said, but was interrupted by JJ.

“No, no, it’s not money. It’s how the whole case will look in the eyes of the jurors. That’s what we need to think about. Optics,” JJ said, “are what this case will live and die on.”

The client chuckled. “It’s funny,” the client said, “because normally things live and die on my teeth and fiery breath.”

“So I’ve heard,” said JJ, and wondered to himself how to make a dragon that had eaten an entire busload of school children apparently without a shred of remorse sympathetic to a 12 person jury. “So I’ve heard.


Written on 10/5/15 for @DaraKaye

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