The Kitchen Crumbs – My 1000th Story!

Evelyn had been put in charge of sweeping the kitchen floor, and she was not happy. There were so many different sets of crumbs, from so many different people, and she couldn’t see why it should be her responsibility to clean up after them all.

So when she’d been equipped with a broom and a dust pan, she set about shepherding the crumbs not into the trash can, where they belonged, but into a little corner of the kitchen that the crumbs could call their own.

“You crumbs have lived as part of other things for so long, don’t you think you deserve a land just for you and your kin?” Evelyn whispered to the little dusty pile.

The crumbs had indeed longed for a homeland, and given the chance for self governance and soverignty, they leapt for joy.

That is how a small corner of Momma’s kitchen became an independent political entity, with diplomatic recognition by both Evelyn’s household and the members of the UN Security Council, and also how Evelyn got out of ever being asked to sweep the kitchen floor again.

Written on 2/4/17 at RMSC for my niece, as my 1000th 10 cent story.