The Ice Cream Magnet

The witch-dragon and the wizard-lion made an evil plan, and the plan was this: they would steal all of the ice cream in the entire world. The two of them made a special magnet that was powered by electricity, and would pull ice cream towards it. But in order to steal the world’s ice cream they would need a lot of electricity. So they went to a power plant, and they hooked up their magnet to it. They turned it on.

In houses all around the world, refrigerator doors opened up. Ice cream sandwiches flew through the air. Ice cream cakes rolled along the ground. Choco-Tacos and and Klondike bars took to the sky in flocks like flying birds. And all this ice cream came to the power plant.

The witch and wizard cackled and laughed at the ice cream when it started to come. But then it kept coming and kept coming. The witch and the wizard started to get buried. They tried to turn off the magnet but the button was covered by ice cream. The witch dragon tried melting the ice cream with her fire breath, but it was coming in faster than she could melt it. More and more ice cream came falling from all over the world, and then the wizard and witch were trapped in a huge pile of ice cream.

The people were sad all the ice cream was gone, but they were happy that the evil witch and wizard were stuck. In their world, now, there was no ice cream and no evil, and people tried to make the best of it.50x50

Written on 4/11/16 at Kid’s First Childcare for two kids who were crazy about ice cream

The Ice Cream Magnet