The Honeymoon

Silvia and Staefano were on their honeymoon, traveling all across the world. They went to New York City and saw the Statue of Liberty, they went to Pittsburgh and saw the inclines, and they went to Cleveland and saw the mini-golf courses. They laughed and laughed each place they went, happy in each other’s company. The people of the countries they visited were insane in very strange ways, which was perfect because the two of them were crazy too – crazy about each other.

When the last hotel had been checked out of, the last picture snapped, and the last airplane caught just before they closed the door, the two of them sat down in their shared home and spent a morning doing nothing at all but drinking coffee and talking.

“Do you remember?” said Staefano, not even finishing his thought.

“Of course, said Silvia. “And the thing?”

The two of them burst out laughing. And it felt like that lazy morning, with its shared history and hot coffee and inside jokes and secret language, it felt like that lazy morning could last forever.

And in some sense, of course, it did.


Written on 8/3/16 in Battery Park for two young folks on their honeymoon