The Future Comes to the Farmer’s Market

The hydroponics market on North Union pneumatic corridor was bustling by 10am as it always was. The mothers brought their children and their hover-bags and loaded them up with fresh peppers and tomatoes and peaches. People hawked goods made of cheap nano-patterned carbon-fiber 3D printed parts. The cyborg rooster on the solar-panel-covered roof of the administrative building made announcements that the fresh cooking initiative was cooking beets and lamb using the Mark 1000 dehydrator, and anyone wanting to learn how to use a particle recomposition should come to the big nanobot-cloud tent at 11. Laughter filled the air. People met and fell in love. Some people got angry at each other. And above them all, a cloud of drones hovered, seeing everything and judging nothing.


Written on 9/24/15 for a woman who wanted a story about the future that was neither apocalyptic nor utopian.

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021 The Future Comes to the Farmer’s Market

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Future Farmer's Market