The Frog with Laser Eyes

Squishy the frog could shoot lasers out of his eyes. He didn’t know why – none of the other frogs could. He wasn’t especially pleased with his ability to do it, since usually he ended up ruining the day when a glance of his would set a frog hut on fire or vaporize a fly he was planning on eating.

One day, after they’d been playing a game of hopalong by the frog castle, Squishy’s friend Jumpy cheated, and Squishy got so mad that he lit the frog castle on fire. The king of the frogs was so mad that he told Squishy he would never ever ever be welcome in the kingdom of frogs, and banished him to walk in the swampy wilderness outside the great frog gates.

Squishy hopped miserably outside the gate. His stupid laser eyes had cost him the only home he’d ever known. He felt sorry for himself, until he came across a toothless alligator. The alligator took pity on the lonesome frog, and together the two of them became scientists, learning how to use lasers to do things like measure the distance to the moon and seeing the gravity waves that undulate through the universe.

One day, word came from the frog kingdom. The frog-king’s son was nearly blind, and as a result he could not perform the ceremonial capturing of a royal fly to become the next king. The king promised royal favor to anyone who could make his son see. So Squishy returned to his homeland, said hi to Jumpy, and used laser surgery to fix the eyesight of the prince. The king made him the royal scientist, and together he and the toothless alligator began a rich scientific career together, probing the nature of the universe with lasers and science.


Written on 2/13/16 at RMSC for a kid who wanted a story about a superhero frog.

The Frog with Laser Eyes