The Friendly Monkey

The Monkey was the friendliest monkey in the entire world. She was so friendly that she befriended the bananas in the bunches she picked just before she ate them. She was so friendly she befriended the poachers that haunted the jungle and was always spared from their nets. She was so friendly she befriended the Turkish President Erdoğan and became a critical asset for the United States Foreign Service.

One day, after the monkey had a breakfast of six of her closest friends, she cleared their empty skins and the dishes and discovered a box. The box was filled with jigsaw puzzle pieces!

She tried talking about sports to the puzzle. But it was uncharmed. She tried asking about the puzzle’s family. But the puzzle, rudely, didn’t even reply. She tried asking the puzzle if it came there often. But the puzzle remained aloof.

Utterly at a loss as to what to do, she next tried putting the puzzle together. And once it was together, she understood everything.

On the back of the puzzle was a love sonnet, written for her. The simple fact was that her powers of friendship, enormous though they may be, were, like rock compared to paper, or like scissors compared to rock, or even like paper compared to scissors, utterly inconsequential when compared to love.

Written on 12/11/16 to accompany a love sonnet that was itself written on the back of a jigsaw puzzle, as part of someone else’s elaborate gesture of love.