The Fairy Frat Boy Caravan

Amanda, Marisa, and Emma sat waiting for the convoy to get into the ambush position. Emma had masterminded the plan, but Marisa had been in charge of constructing the explosive charges, and Amanda had had to direct the convoy from all possible routes to just this ambushing route. All three of them had their hearts in their mouthes as the fairy frat bros turned the corner, riding on their rolling cans of natty light and wearing sunglasses on this cloudy day. The convoy passed so close to the three pirate fairies that Marisa could see the eyes of the fairy frat bros behind their sunglasses. Then the caravan rolled into position and she pressed the plunger.

When the smoke cleared and the fairy frat bros caught their breath at last, the cargo was already gone. Amanda, Marisa, and Emma were already far aways down the road, whooping and hollering. As soon as they got to their hideout they opened up the strongboxes, holding their breath again, wondering what treasure each would hold.

Salmon shorts. Every strong box was chock-full of mid thigh salmon shorts.

“Dammit,” said Marisa.

“Balls,” said Amanda.

“Hey, at least these are out of circulation,” said Emma, who got the gasoline and matches out to make sure they stayed that way.


Written on 4/16/16 at Artawake for three women who quite sensibly considered mid-thigh-length salmon shorts to be a scourge on this earth.

Fairy Frat Boy Caravan