The Evil Mermaids

Emily and Matilda were evil mermaids. They did all sorts of evil things. They stole people’s glasses, and they convinced seagulls to steal people’s sandwiches, and they were always trying to make ships sink all the way to the bottom of the ocean. Sometimes they would make a fake lighthouse so sailors would steer to the wrong place and crash, and sometimes they would sing lullabies to the people steering the ship so they would fall asleep and crash.

One morning, Emily and Matilda wanted to dance. They swam down to the bottom of the ocean, and a band of sharks and anglerfish played them weird bubble must. They held hands and swam in a circle. The music got faster. The two evil mermaids swam faster. The anglerfish played as fast as their fins would move, and the evil mermaids swam faster and faster.

At the surface of the ocean, a little funnel appeared, and water swirled in a circle around it. The funnel got bigger and bigger, and went all the way down to the bottom of the ocean. The two spinning mermaids were making the water get sucked down.

There was a ship on the water, and it started getting pulled towards the whirlpool. The captain was worried. He unfurled all of his sails to try and sail away. But the whirlpool was getting stronger and he could’t sail fast enough. His ship got pulled in, and started spinning, and went down and down and down , all the way to the dark bottom of the ocean.

The evil mermaids grinned and grinned as they danced.


Written on 4/11/16 at Kid’s First Childcare for two kids that insisted on an unhappy ending.

The Evil Mermaids