The Dragon’s Game

When the call came down from the watch on the wall, Princess Elizabeth was ready. All the knights and princes of the kingdom began to strap on their jagged rusty dull armor and sharpen their jagged rusty dull swords. All the witches in the kingdom began to mix together their frog eyes and beetle legs and broken mirrors. All the engineers began to build their catapults and siege engines and things that were sharp and big and angry looking. But the call that had come down was for a dragon, and Princess Elizabeth knew more about dragons than the knights and witches and engineers did, and she and her little brother began to fill up her royal hot air balloon.

The witches and knights and engineers all gathered on the plain behind the great wall and waited for the fearsome dragon to arrive. But as they waited, Princess Elizabeth drifted up and over their jagged rusty dull swords and their broken mirrors and their siege engines. She drifted over the wall and drifted right to where the dragon was circling in the sky.

“Hey,” Princess Elizabeth hollered to the dragon, “what are you doing around here?”

“I heard there were some people that wanted to play here. And down there I see them with all their toys, and they look like they’re ready to have fun,” said the dragon.

“They’re no fun,” said Princess Elizabeth, “Their games are boring. Play a game with me instead,” she said.

“Okay,” said the dragon.

Princess Elizabeth landed her balloon and she and the dragon and her brother played a great game of monopoly, until the dragon’s mother called him back for dinner when the sun went down.


Written on 2/19/16 at the Museum of Play for a Monopoly lover

The Dragon's Game