The Disappearance

The queen had disappeared from her queenly tower one day, without warning or cause. The people of the kingdom were upset, because they loved their queen, and they called out to princess Jan and prince John to find their mother and restore the kingdom to peace.

Jan and John searched everywhere for their mother the queen. They searched the black beaches of the dragon’s bay, they searched the ice caves of the far south, they searched the great jungles of the kingdom’s interior. But nowhere they looked did they find the queen.

Then one day, as they had almost given up hope, they came across a great field of strawberries, in the center of which was a small hut. Inside was their mother the queen, and the prince and princess hugged her and shouted for joy and cried tears of joy. But when they wanted to bring their mother back to the kingdom, she refused to come.

“I must stay hidden here,” said the queen, “tucked away where no-one but you can ever speak to or see me. This kingdom is yours to rule now, and if the people knew I was still here they would never let it be yours. So I will be invisible, but you will know I am here and I am happy and I love you.”

The prince and princess’s tears turned to tears of sadness, but they saw the wisdom in their mother’s words, and so, dry eyed, they returned to the castle to rule the kingdom together.50x50

Written on 2/6/16 on behalf of two children not there.

The Disappearance