The Demon Typewriter

The demon had, in his demon way, procrastinated all the way up to the deadline, and now he was way behind in the number of souls he would need to meet his quota. He’d fallen behind for each of the past three months as well, and he knew that if he missed this deadline as well he’d probably be demoted at his next review board in two weeks. So he thought and thought about how to collect a huge number of souls in the two days he had before his deadline.

He’d read an article in soul-stealing weekly about how people’s stories could be collected and carefully distilled to yield their souls, and he decided that he’d try to write people’s stories at the Corn Hill festival, wearing white pants so folks would not know he was a demon. And so he sat, in the shade of an evil tree, typing on an enchanted demon’s typewriter, stealing souls from folks who even paid 10¢ for the privilege.


Written at the Corn Hill Arts Festival on 7/12/15 for a polite guy in a white polo.

Podcast Episode:

001 The Demon Typewriter (Downloadable mp3 – right click the link and choose “Save Link As…”)

Demon Typewritist