The Curious Little Frog

The little frog was insatiably curious. He wanted to know why marbles were round, he wanted to know why cars were always moving, he wanted to know why cats were always hungry. The little frog had so much room for answers in his head, and he felt like the space was just taken up by cobwebs. He asked his friends, he asked them every question he could think of, but they were just frogs and they weren’t so curious as him, and their answers always left him feeling underwhelmed.

The little frog was sitting in the sunshine after a particularly frustrating day of trying to understand the mechanics of shoe laces, when he was distracted by the biggest and brightest thing in the sky. The rays of the sun as it set through the trees were beautiful, and they reminded him that the sun would be gone shortly. But where would the sun go? The question rattled around his brain, and he wrestled with it with all the force his little frog mind possessed. But he could make no headway, and in renewed frustration he hopped aimlessly all through the sun-and-shade field.

He hopped until he came to an open book, and he hopped across the pages as he did so. He hopped over “Orbital Mechanics” and “Solar Calendar” and “Gravity” and “Penumbra”. Then he hopped back. Then he stopped and sat on the page, his big eyes wide.

First, he was in awe because he understood where the sun went. Then he was amazed to realize what books contained. Finally, he turned his little frog eyes to the book filled dome of the Rush Rhees library behind him and considered all the answers it contained. Cautiously, one hop at a time, he hopped into the library.


Written on 4/16/16 at ArtAwake for a talented and charming woman.

The Curious Little Frog