The Cold War Vampires

When he’d discovered the plot that underlay the entire government, when he’d discovered the sacrificial room and blood drinking chambers below the capitol building and learned that these unspeakable horrors were part of a country-wide network of evil, JacCold War 2e had taken it upon himself to end the system that kept the vampires so well fed and comfortable. After twelve years of fruitless attempts at overthrowing the vampiric yoke, he’d instead turned his efforts to ending everything generally, reasoning that no system was better than a system with vampires at the top. So Jace had goaded the U.S.S.R into attacking the U.S., and when the attacks and counterattacks were over the last vestiges of the government and the conspiracies behind it were gone. Of course, the delicate supply chains that underpinned civilization were destroyed as well, to mention the face that hundreds of thousands had died in the initial bombing, and starvation and radiation sickness were rampant. This should have troubled Jace more, but he was too busy killing the vampires that roamed now in undisguised gangs to think about what might have been.


Written on 9/27/15 at the Ontario Beach Park Pier for a couple that loved horror stories.

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The Cold War Vampires