The Big Discovery

Ava, Ryan, Ella, Matthew, Cameron, and Charlie were all snorkeling at the beach (or at least Ava, Ryan, Ella, Matthew, and Cameron were. Charlie was actually in a snorkeling backpack with their mom, but he was there). All of a sudden, there at the bottom of the the big discovery groupocean, they saw a shipwreck. A boat had broken in half and sank, and now it was half buried in the sand. They swam down to it. Ryan peered in and yelped – a school of fish rushed out of one of the doorways! But they went on. The halls of the boat were dark and filled with water, but the cargo hold had a glass ceiling, and had trapped a bunch of air. The six of them emerged into the dry cargo hold. There, scattered about, were gold bars and hamburgers and hotdogs.

“Oh my gosh,” said Matthew, “We’re rich!”

“We can buy a roller coaster for our backyard,” said Cameron.

“We can buy a football team!” said Matthew.

“Or a mansion with a pool!” sawd Ella.

“I want to build a snowman out of ice cream every day for a summer,” said Ava.

“And, best of all, there’s all these hamburgers and hotdogs down here. I was starving!” said Ella. And she walked over to the hamburgers, picked one up, and took a big bite. She made a face and spit it out.

“Gah, it’s so stale!” said Ella.

“Do you never listen to mom?” asked Ava. “Don’t you remember she told us, ‘never eat hamburgers you find in shipwrecks?”

“Oh yeah,” said Ella, “whoops.”


Written on 3/25/16 at the Strong Museum of Play for a big family.

The Big Discovery