The Big Blue Hairy Monster Upstairs

Toccoli the Turtle lived in an old house with her father. But she and her father weren’t the only things that lived in the old house. There was a monster, too, that lived there. The monster was blue and hairy and very very scary. big blueIt lived in the attic, and when Toccoli and her father were upstairs they were very quiet, so that they didn’t wake up the scary blue hairy monster.

One day, Toccoli the Turtle was painting her bedroom turtle purple, and she was up on a ladder with a paint roller. All of a sudden, Toccoli lost her balance, and she fell from the ladder, and to keep herself safe she pulled into her shell.

Toccoli hit the ground with a THOMP that echoed through the house. She was fine, but she’d woken up the monster that lived in the attic. With a STOMP STOMP STOMP the hairy scary blue monster came down the attic stairs, and emerged in the room with Toccoli. Toccoli was still on her back after falling. She looked at the monster upside down. The monster looked even scarier upside down! But the monster just looked at the room, and said that he liked the color she was painting it a lot, and went back upstairs.

Toccoli thought maybe they’d been too afraid of the monster (which, at the very least had very good taste in color and had no interest in eating her), and so the next morning she invited the monster down for breakfast, and she and her father and the monster had a very nice breakfast of blueberry pancakes.


Written on 3/5/16 at RMSC for a little girl in pink

The Big Blue Hairy Monster Upstairs