The Bear’s Mug

Marina, Alex, and Sophia had had a wonderful time camping. Alex had made his first fire from matches, and they had taken a long hike through the woods. The weather, which had seemed like it might be rainy and cold, at the last minute turned out to be warm and sunny. They made s’mores and roasted hot dogs over the fire, and when they packed up their tent and sleeping bags and gear they were downright sad to leave. They were getting into the car to leave when Alex saw the bear.

It was a huge bear, especially for New York, and it looked mean and fierce, and it stood up on its hind legs when it saw them, and roared, then got down on all fours and ran at their car.

Sophia wasted no time. She put the car into drive and the two boys barely had their seatbelts clicked before she was rushing down the dirt road. They left the campsite and the bear in a cloud of dust.

The bear called out again at the receding car. “Wait,” he said, “you forgot your coffee mug,” he said, holding the cup.

Afterwards, the bear reflected that roaring at them might not have been the best way to get the family’s attention. “Oh well,” he thought, and took another sip from the blue coffee mug.


Written on 3/12/16 for a family that often went camping in the Adirondacks.

The Bear's Mug