The Battle of the Bears

Bearson came across Barry in the woods, right by the big bend in the river. He’d been looking for Barry for three days now, and he was sure that Barry knew and had been avoiding him.

“Alright, Barry,” Bearson roared, “you’ve tricked me one too many times. You used my netflix account without my permission. You hacked my Facebook and posted messages saying that I was not a bear, but a giant mouse. And this morning, I heard you had been spreading rumors about how I smelled like a frog.”

“Like a toad,” Barry said.

“What?” asked Bearson.

“I said you smelled like a toad, I just want you to know the truth,” Barry said.

Bearson roared, and charged Barry. The two bears locked arms and wrestled. They fell to the ground and tumbled and rolled. Bearson hit Barry so hard he saw his vision going dark, but then Barry bit Bearson and got back on his feet. The two battled for three whole days until they were both too tired to move.

“Should we call it a draw,” asked Barry.

“I guess so,” said Bearson. “Just don’t say I smell like a frog anymore. That really hurts my feelings.”

“Like a toad. Not like a frog. But okay,” Barry said.

The two of them just lay there for a while. They were exhausted.


Written on 1/23/16 at the Rochester Museum and Science Center for a boy in a camo jacket.

The Battle of the Bears