Summoner’s Regret

Lord Flowerhead had summoned a meeting of the society for  advancement of occult practices. The group met, as it always did, in the flowerhead family graveyard next to the manor in the shadow of Davenport Flowerhead’s mausoleum.

Lord Flowerhead addressed the assembled. “My dear brethren of darkness, I have called you from your hallows and manors, dark wooded dales and crypts, to bring you here to witness the next step in our grand plan to return England to the Celtic Druidic darkness of the time before the Romans. I have in my hand a dagger carved from the stone that marked the grave of my father, and tonight with you as my witnesses I shall use it to summon an ancient spirit from the old lands.”

Lord Flowerhead began chanting in tongues, raising the stone blade up in the moonlight, and then he cast it into the dirt. Up sprang Pan, mischief god of the old world, who made a rude gesture, kicked Lord Flowerhead in the shin, stuck out his tongue at the assembled, and disappeared.

Lord Flowerhead seemed stunned. “Well, perhaps we need to summon a different dark god,” he said.


Written on 10/10/15 for a fan of the occult at the Farmer’s Market

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