How Sophie Saved Cinderella’s Castle

When Sophie at last got her wish, and the whole family went to Disneyworld, she could barely breathe she was so excited. Sophie wanted to meet the princesses, of course, and ride a roller coaster if it wasn’t too scary, but really what she wanted to do more than anything else was to see the inside of Cinderella’s castle.

But when they got to the castle, there was a big sign on the door – “CLOSED BECAUSE OF STRUCTURAL INSTABILITY BY ORDER OF THE FIRE MARSHAL.” Sophie was so upset, and her dad asked one of the workers what was wrong.

“We don’t know what’s wrong,” said the guard, “Only that the castle foundation keeps shaking so we can’t let people in.”

Sophie looked carefully at the castle. There were pegasuses that flew from one minaret to another and a dragon curled around one tower. She looked closely at the dragon. It looked pretty miserable to her.

“The dragon,” she said to the guard, “he looks hungry.”

“Excuse me?” said the guard.

“I bet his stomach is rumbling something fierce,” said Sophie.

The guard looked at her intently. Then he looked at the dragon. Then he pulled out a radio and spoke quietly into it.

In twenty minutes, there was a helicopter with a huge hamburger dangling below it feeding the dragon, and in thirty minutes they opened the castle back up to visitors. Sophie was delighted, but the guard told her to wait.

Down the stairs, in the most resplendent dress Sophie had ever seen, came Cinderella herself. She took Sophie by the hand and led her into the castle.

“I owe you a debt of gratitude,” said Cinderella. “Would you be princess alongside me for the day?” she asked.

Sophie thought about her answer for about one-one-millionth of a second. “Of course,” she said.

Written on 11/2/16 for a kid who wanted to see Cinderella’s castle above all things.