She’s Got the Moon in her Pocket

One warm spring night, when the moon was bright in the sky and huge, Livy reached up and plucked it right out of the sky and put it in her pocket.

The people of the world were stunned. The astronomers looked over every inch of the sky to see if it was hiding, but they couldn’t CajWc0vUYAE_Nn8find it anywhere. The submarine captains scoured the sea to see if the moon had fallen into the ocean, but they couldn’t find it anywhere. And the people who made lightbulbs checked each one to make sure they hadn’t accidentally captured it in one of their lightbulbs, but they couldn’t find it anywhere.

Livy’s pocket was warm, and the moon shone through the fabric of her pants, and she skipped through her yard bringing moonlight to the fireflies and frogs and moths. Bu then Livy’s parents got a call from the President. “Can I speak to Livy?” they said.

Livy came in from the yard.

“Livy,” said the President, “we need you to put the moon back. There are pilots who can’t fly, and werewolves that can’t turn back into people, and wolves that have nothing to howl at, and even though you’ve made the fireflies and frogs and moths of your backyard happy, we need the moon back in the sky.”

Livy went outside. She was sad, but she took the moon out of her pocket. It was warm and beautiful in her hand, and she hated to let it go. But then she reached up and set it gently into the night sky.


Written on 2/6/16 for a little girl who asked for a story about the moon.

She's Got the Moon in her Pocket