Princess Rebecca

Princess Rebecca lived in a world that was whatever she wished it to be. Around her neck was a gold necklace in the shape of a flame that made it so whatever she thought came true. She had used this power to make the most amazing kingdom, that had elevators to the three moons that circled the planet, and cats that told secrets, and ghosts that did chores around the house. The villagers of the kingdom loved Princess Rebecca and were always throwing parades for her.

Princess Rebecca shared this kingdom with her five siblings, but none of them had a necklace like hers, and all of them were at least a little jealous of their sister’s power. So one night, as she slept on her bed (which was an impossibly soft mattress strung between the backs of two giraffes), Vanessa climbed the rope ladder up the left giraffe, and reached across the sleeping Princess Rebecca and unclasped the necklace. But just then, the right giraffe saw what was happening and reached over and picked up Vanessa before she could put the necklace around her neck. The alarm was sounded, and the princess awoke, and Vanessa was put in one of the prisons below the castle.

Princess Rebecca, the next morning, reflected that it was sort of unfair that she was the only one with god-like powers over the land, and she guessed she understood her sister’s jealousy. And so she resolved that her siblings would each get to wear the necklace one weekday, while Princess Rebecca would still wear it on the weekends.

Now, the villagers threw five times as many parades, and the awesome things in the kingdom increased five times. They applauded Princess Rebecca not only for her imagination now, but for her wisdom and fairness as well.


Written 4/9/16 at RMSC as part of their Nano Days event for a girl from a big family.

Princess Rebecca