Nargagloff and Daisy

Nargagloff the monster was hungry, as he pretty much always was. And now he wanted to eat the mouse Daisy, because Daisy looked very tasty and there was no other animal or person around (since he’d eaten everyone else). So he ran after the mouse. But Daisy was much too quick to be caught, and the monster ran and ran and never got any closer.

So then the monster decided to wait and hide and surprise the mouse. But Daisy was a mouse, and she was very tiny, and the monster was huge, and not very good at hiding, so the monster was forced to give up after waiting for the mouse in a dark corner for three days where nothing happened at all.

So finally the monster decided to outsmart the mouse. And he pulled out a chess board and challenged the mouse to a game of chess. “If I win,” said Nargagloff, “I’ll eat you.”

“And if I win,” said Daisy the mouse, “I want you to eat yourself.”

“Okay,” said the monster.

Daisy won the chess game in three moves.

“Oh darn,” said Nargagloff, and he stretched around and ate himself from his toes all the way up past his belly to his head. And with a big old gulp he disappeared.

Written on 12/10/16 at the Strong Museum of Play for a girl who knew how to name a monster.