Nicholas the cow lived on a beautiful farm out in the country. This farm was run by a farmer named Joe-Bob, and Joe-Bob’s cow Nicholas was his pride and joy. One day, the circus came into town, and Joe-Bob knew he had to take Nicholas to the circus. So he put Nicholas in his cow trailer and drove him to the six big tents out on the outskirts of town.

The circus was a riot of color, blues and reds and greens and yellows, and Nicholas loved to look at all the sights. They went into the biggest tent, and there a man with a huge mustache yelled out for the ladies and gentlemen to watch wonders collected from all over the world.

Joe-Bob took his eyes off Nicholas for just a minute to watch the trapeze artists flying through the air, and when he looked back, his favorite cow was missing! He was so upset! Where could his friend be?

Just then the man with the huge mustache told all the ladies and gentlemen to be ready for the finale, when a brave daredevil of a man would be launched from a cannon!

The whole crowd watched as the mustache man lit the fuse to the cannon, and when the cannon roared, who sprung out but Nicholas!

The crowd oooooed and ahhhhhed, and as they all watched the cow flew up and up and up and up and up until he went all the way behind the moon. Then the cow came down and down and down and landed gentle on the grass outside the tent.

Nicholas mooed excitedly. He loved the circus.

Written on 4/8/17 at the University of Rochester’s ArtAwake Festival for a very little boy.