Monster Truck Ambulance

Like many people, Simon had a dream. Unlike many people, his dream was to convert an ambulance into a monster truck.

The actual Monster Truck Ambulance

The actual Monster Truck Ambulance

“Just imagine it – you hear the roar of the engine, smell the exhaust from a souped-up Ford V-8, see the silhouette of a monster truck coming around the bend and into the arena – but it’s an ambulance! We’d stress in interviews that the thing was a working ambulance, with bandages and saline solutions and defilibrator pads. The press would eat that up! And the stunts write themselves. ‘MONSTER AMBULANCE JUMPS 17 HEARSES’; ‘MONSTER TRUCK SAVES STROKE VICTIM BY DRIVING OVER TRAFFIC’. This is the most exciting new idea that’s been in the monster truck rally for close to a decade,” Simon said.

The rally executives regarded him in silence for a moment, before turning to look at  Rusty Chamberlin, the CEO. Rusty looked him dead in the eye for a long time, but Simon refuse to look away. Rusty nodded. “Build your monster,” he said.


Written for @Karilyn on 9/12/15

Podcast Episode:

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