Lovecraft Runs the Bulls

After they’d found the book in the special collections room at Yale (and had dispatched whatever the weird word-horror that had attacked them when they opened it was), their next step was to travel to Spain. Tristan and Lyla were operating on gut more than anything at this point, reason having long since lost it’s utility. Tristan had been the one to dream first of the running of the bulls, and when Lyla had the same dream the next night they booked their tickets.

The countryside was beautiful, and except for their nightmares it was almost possible to forget the horror they sought. On the day of the run, the two of them positioned themselves in the crowd (to watch, not to run, they weren’t stupid), and waited for the gate to open.

When the first bulls were released, the men and women running went insane. Not crazy with adrenaline, but straight gibbering insane. Unnaturaly shrieks filled the air, and people threw themselves onto the horns of the bulls. Tristan and Lyla looked on in horror. It was another sign of the immanence of the awakening of the great old ones, and they felt the panic and insanity rising in them like a gorge.


Written on 8/29/15 at the Public Market for a couple that really dug Cosmic Horror.

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Lovecraft Runs the Bulls