Love and Free Will

They’d met at the library. Gilbert was checking out a book of astrology and divination, while Lillian was returning a collection of choose your own adventure books. Afterwards, Gilbert would claim that he had been drawn to her by the hand of fate, while Lillian would say that she liked his tie, but the end result was two minutes of cutely awkward conversation and a promise to get coffee the next day.

At the end of the first date, they knew it would never work. Lillian believed in free will, while Gilbert did not, and the two of them felt deep in their bones that that was too wide a philosophical gap for even love to bridge. They went their separate ways.

But somehow they continued to run into each other. At the bistro, at the kite-flying fair, at the yearly Shakespeare for Mermaids festival.

“How strange,” said Lillian, after they bumped into each other the third time in one day, “it almost feels like we’re fated to be together.”

“I had a hunch I might find you here,” said Gilbert, “so that’s why I’m here.”

“Do you think maybe we should give it another try?” said Lillian.

“I’m not sure it’s meant to be, but I do want to give it a try,” Gilbert said.

“Okay,” said Lillian.

“Okay,” said Gilbert.

And together they were very happy.

Written on February 4th at the Memorial Art Gallery during the Valentine #Schmalentine event for a thoughtful man I keep running into.