Lily the Frog Jumps All the Way to the Moon

After a breakfast of slimy, crunchy, dirty, gross bugs, Lily the frog decided to jump to the moon. She went to her favorite lily pad in the middle of the pond, and she stretched, and she yawned, and she took a deep breath. Then she jumped! She jumped up past the bugs (and with a GULP GULP she ate two as she went past), jumped up past the birds (and with a CHIRP CHIRP she waved to them), jumped up past the planes and the clouds and all the balloons that had ever been lost.rmsc5 She leapt through the dark of space, past stars and comets, and she moved so fast people thought she was a shooting star and made wishes (for ponies, for the superpower of flight, for the return of lost balloons). Then, Lily saw the big white circle of the moon. It got bigger and bigger and she got closer and closer. Then, with a THUMP, there she was, the first frog on the moon. And what do you think Lily did? She had a dinner of slimy, crunchy, dirty, gross bugs, and figured she’d jump to Mars next.


Written at the Rochester Museum and Science Center on 1/16/16 for a little girl in a striped shirt.

Photo credit: Jacqueline Brinkley