It Was a Dark and Stormy April 15th

It was a dark and stormy April 15th. The accountant, doing his taxes for reasons of personal taste by candlelight, was about halfway through his online form, trying to decide how many deductions to take. He had already fibbed quite a bit on the form. He’d said he was married (which he was, but only in the sense of being married to his job) that he had three children (parakeets, but he’d read that they had the minds of five-year-olds somewhere) and that he had lost his thumb in a work-related incident earlier this year (which was a total fabrication). A wolf howled, a wildcat screamed, and the old house creaked and moaned with what sounded like footsteps. But the accountant was a fearless man. He claimed every single deduction offered by the state. As the candle sputtered and began to die, he calculated the IRS owed him $15,000 dollars. He licked the envelope and affixed a stamp, and the taxes, buoyed by the supernatural, found their way into the blood-flecked mailbox.


Written on 10/10/15 at the Public Market for a man in a knit cap

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It was a dark and stormy