In the Belly of the Snow Monster

The snow monster was big. He was as big as a house. He was as big as the house he lived in, which stood ad the end of a street and had broken windows and a broken down door.

The snow monster was hungry. He was as hungry as it was possible to be. And when kids came to the broken down house to try and look through the windows, he let them get as close as they dared, and then he would reach out the window and grab them and eat them. He ate everyone he could, but it didn’t make him full. In fact he seemed to get hungrier the more he ate. He got bigger and hungrier and more ugly with every mouthful.

There were three kids down the street, and they knew about the snow monster. They wouldn’t be eaten, because they knew to stay away, but they wanted nobody else to ever be eaten again. So one day, the bravest one tied a rope around his waist, and walked to the window, and with a GRAB and a GULP he was eaten.

The bravest kid found himself in the igloo stomach of the snow monster with all the people he’d eaten. And his friends outside passed him logs and kerosene on the rope around his waist, and the people in the monster’s stomach built a fire and melted the monster. Now the monster was a puddle monster, and he wasn’t hungry at all. He soaked into the ground and disappeared.


Written on 2/19/16 for a kid who was not afraid. 
In the Belly of the Snow Monster copy