There once was a fish, who swam through the ocean with a swim swim swimming sort of wriggle wriggle wriggling. And he had a friend who was a crab who went scut scut scuttling across the sandy sandy bottom.

One fine sun fun runny sort of day when the sea was wubble bubble bubbling with all the light that came through the waves, the two great good generous friends found a shiny briny shell all covered in pinks and purples. Inside the shell was a little bittle baby who was scared and sad and sorrowful, and the two friends promised on the bountiful beautiful sea that they would put the baby back in its safewarm peaceful justgood home.

They went search search searching and look look looking across the whole enormous cavernous delicious sea floor. And they came to a place with shells and songs and little bits of color sticking out of the sand. And the little bittle baby chuckled and burbled in joy.

The shiny briny sea that day was just a bit more brillig and bright and hopeful by the time the right fine friends turned in their wearysome heads.

Written on 1/28/17 at RMSC for the littlest one in a family, who knew exactly what she wanted her story to be called.