Fingernail Polish

Emi loved going to Nana and Poppa’s house. They would do arts and crafts and have all sorts of fun. But Emi’s favorite part was fingernail painting. Emi would pick her favorite color, which was always difficult because Nana had so many different ones, and her and Nana would very very carefully put the nail polish on her fingers.

One weekend, Emi picked a color that she had never picked before to paint her nails. It was a weird bottle, and the color seemed tofingernail polish2 change as she looked at it. One moment it would be blue like deep ocean water, and then the next it would be a flowery purple, and if she stared at it for a long time it would swirl to a shade of orange that looked like it belonged in a sunset. It burned a little bit as it went on her fingertips, but Emi didn’t tell Nana that it did because she could tell that this paint was special. While she waited for it to dry, the paint on her nails turned black, and Emi thought that she could see stars in it. And when it was done, Emi stood up and wrote her name in the air with her finger, and her name stayed there like she’d written it with a sparkler.

“THIS is how I’ll write my stories,” Emi said. And she started to trace out the first line of a new story right then and there:

Emi loved going to Nana and Poppa’s house…


Written on 2/27/16 at the Museum of Play

fingernail polish