Faith and Winter

The good ship dreamcatcher was gliding through the water like the water was air. The ship had a good breeze and the water was smooth and they had every square inch of sail the ship had filled up with the goodstiff wind. The crew was all on the deck, leaning against the tilt of the sailboat and feeling the breeze go through their hair and past their faces. It was such a fine day to sail. Until Faith fell in.

She’d slipped, and missed the railing, and tumbled into the water with only a short little shriek before the boat was past her and quickly speeding away.

“Wait,” she cried out, but they were too far to hear her already. Faith felt panic building in her chest, and she had no idea what to do. Then she felt something brush her feet.

It was a dolphin, and Faith cried out in relief. The dolphin came up to her and nudged her gently, and Faith grabbed ahold of her.

“I will call you Winter,” said Faith, “because you came to me when I was alone and in need of warmth and dryness.”

Faith held onto Winter, and Winter carried her all the way back to the harbor, where her friends were getting frantic for worrying about her.

She kissed the dolphin, and swam to the dock, and when she turned around the dolphin made it’s dolphin noise once, then dove beneath the waves and disappeared. She wouldn’t see Winter for many years, after that.


Written on 2/19/16 for a girl who had a serious talent for naming things. She also framed the story.

Faith and Winter